Gorilla-Grams are perfect gift for an office party, special birthday at a restaurant or a birthday party in the comfort of your own home.
Our Gorilla-gram will proceed to create a little havoc by monkeying around initially and then sing Happy Birthday to the guest of honour. He can create a special song/speech for the guest of honor if you supply us with something you want the party group to know (nothing too personal or unfamily friendly please).

He will also bring a Singing Happy Birthday balloon bouquet to leave behind.

Please call us 604-684-7555 if you have questions.

We prefer a week's advance notice to ensure availability of the actor involved. We will advise you promptly if we are unable to provide you with a Gorilla-Gram after your request have been given to us. 
Disclaimer: The guy in gorilla suit above not as pictured, but you knew that -right?  🙂