Balloon Bouquets

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Related imageWe can build custom bouquets to fit your event and budget!
All of our bouquets are custom made with your specific balloon colors.
Each balloon is crafted to your requirements.

We are able to make the bouquets a little higher if requested, just let us know
if the room you are putting the bouquets in is larger than a standard size room
(banquet halls, convention areas, receptions etc. are typically held in larger rooms).

Balloon bouquets are a playful and wonderful way to fill the dead space in a room
with something bright, bold and colorful. Using balloons is also a
very creative way to attract clients/customer or guests eyes to a particular location,
especially for sales events or to ensure the center of attention is where the balloons are placed around.

All of our balloon bouquets are weighted using mini and/or regular balloons filled
with water so they are completely biodegradable.

*All prices include helium, string and weights.
*We strive to sell only the top quality products to our clients
but because the use of balloons is beyond our control, we cannot guarantee performance or longevity.

Check out our selection
or contact us to find out what we can build for you with flexible designs and prices.

Balloon Bouquets- Cascading Style

Bouquet of 3 


Bouquet of 4 


Bouquet of 5 


Bouquet of 6 


Bouquet of 7 


Balloon Bouquets- Cluster Style

Bouquet of 5 


Bouquet of 7


Bouquet of 10


Bouquet of 13


Bouquet of 16