Tassel Gallery

Vancouver Balloons with Tassels by Lunistella!

Wonderful accents for your balloon bouquets or event decor!

Contact us for more ideas on how you can use our tassels
and balloons to make everything more memorable.


  • Wall Garlands add the perfect accent to any room. Catch everybody's eyes by customizing yours to your party theme.
  • Create a frosted look with Stardust to our tassel colours.
  • Carefully handcrafted with love.
  • Baby girl themed balloon tassels create a touch of class.
  • This colour combination is everything.
  • The kind of purple that pops!
  • A beautiful ombre effect.
  • Balloon tassels are perfect for any occasion.
  • Balloon tassels add to a unforgettable milestone.
  • Mini Unicorn
  • Unicorn