16″ Latex Balloons

Looking for balloons to brighten up your special event?

We have just what you need! With 50+ types of unique colours to select from, our large collection of 16″ Latex Balloons doesn’t just stop there. We have 3ft. Round Latex Balloons that are extra large, which works well as contrasting shapes to the 16″ Latex Balloons below. We also offer 11″ Printed Latex Balloons for different occasions and themed parties, including baby shower, anniversary, graduation and more! We proudly source our balloons from Qualatex, providing you with 100% biodegradable balloons that are environmentally responsible, especially for outdoor events under the sun.

We’re here to help you plan!

Our Balloon Specialists are all event planning enthusiast at heart. Get in touch today and let us help you select and prepare for your occasion. Whether its creating a ceiling float, putting together a balloon bouquet or filling up someone’s car with balloons, we will find a way to make it fun for you with balloons. We offer delivery right to your doorstep as well as free pick up at one of our locations. We also provide after hours service! Our North Delta location allows you to drop by after work to pick up your order, so you’re not battling rush hour traffic to get balloons.

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