17″ BSA Round Balloons

17″ BSA Round Balloons is perfect for your special events!

These 17″ BSA Round Balloons are great for all events including outdoor and indoor! Like for car lots apartment complexes, realtors and more! Their floating time is approximately 30-36 hours, depending on conditions. We have different colours like Deep Jade, Bright Blue, Sun Yellow, Bright Orange, Watermelon Red for you! We proudly source our balloons from Qualatex, providing you with 100% biodegradable balloons that are environmentally responsible for your outdoor events!

Lost for ideas? Don’t worry, we can help you plan, select and create the decoration you’ve been dreaming of. Also, come to  find us on Instagram for more works we did before to get your inspirations. Our Balloon Specialists are here to provide you options and help with the entire process of selection, order and delivery! They can be reached by email at hello@balloonaticsdesigns.com or call us at 604-684-7555 during store hours and speak to a Balloon Expert. We can arrange to have your balloons delivered straight to your door or picked up (for free) at one of our locations. You can order these balloons uninflated with a Helium Tank Rental  or have our team inflate for you. This way, your arrangement can stay float for as long as possible.