22″ Bubble Balloons


Bubble Balloons are taking over parties by storm!

22″ Bubble Balloons float beautifully as spherical orbs just like an extra large bubble. And it is awesome to match them with other latex balloon to be arrange into Balloon Bouquets! These bubble balloons can even contain other kind of balloons inside like 11″ Latex Balloons or consider our Confetti Balloons which can be burst to release a rain of confetti. These balloons bring colour and depth to any event. With a special stretchy plastic, our Bubble Balloons prevent oxidation for a longer lasting decoration, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. We have 22″ Bubble Balloons with a wide variety of designs, whether you’re looking for birthdays, graduation, valentines or any other more special occasion.

We want to help you plan for your celebration!

Event planning can be so hectic, especially when there are so many selections to choose from. Our Balloon Specialists are gifted at recreating what you’ve imagined and making it unique. You just need to email us to hello@balloonaticsdesigns.com or call us at 604-684-7555 during store hours. We want to hear what you want to do! The sky is the limit, so lets get creative together with these 22″ bubble balloons. We hope all your event to be the best it can be with our uplifting balloons.

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