260Q Twisting Balloons


Using 260Q Twisting Balloons to add a special character to your event!

Our 260Q Twisting Balloons have variety of colors to suite your needs. It is perfect for twisting balloons or balloon animals that could build an eye-catching display for your event. Whether you are a professional entertainer or a balloon hobbyist, these quality twisting balloons will help you create delightful shapes and characters. Also, finding your selection and match it with additional 11″ latex balloons in the same color scheme. Come find us on Instagram for more balloon inspirations.

Latex Balloons by Qualatex are of the highest quality; their mylar/foil balloons are the most vibrant in colour and their latex balloons are 100% biodegradable to ensure they are environmentally responsible. For the environmental enthusiast in everyone, our environmental friendly latex product is your first choice!

Got something in mind? Our balloon artist is available to customize anything you requested. Simply email us your request or reach our team directly at 604-684-7555 for more information! We will get it done for you; we are all about creating that special experience for you. What are you waiting for?! Contact us today and let’s make your special day even more special!