About US

Meet The Vancouver Balloons Team

The Vancouver Balloons Team customize services, designs and sell balloons to make your visions come true.
We believe in dreams and inspiration!
But most importantly, we encourage having fun.
Our mission is to be the best compliment to your event by adding a burst of joy with a touch of class.

Vancouver Balloons is an event-based corporation focused balloon shop, founded in 1986 and located in the heart of Vancouver on Main Street.

With over 30 years in events planning and decoration, we have come to value creativity, beauty and customer satisfaction.
Our Vancouver Balloons Team members are the core foundation of our company.
With each team member coming from diverse backgrounds and different academic disciplines, our company is blessed to tap into the intelligent minds of these creative individuals.

Isaac Vancouver Balloons Team

Isaac CEO/President

Isaac is known as the Balloon Man. He has done everything from building giant arches for the Vancouver Sun Run to filling The Permanent with balloon clouds. To inflating single balloons for children who walk into the shop. He is inspired by customers’ requests and tries to always add a personal touch to every order. Isaac can always be found at the shop with his adorable and loving St Bernard, Sophie. Come in and say hello to Isaac, ok forget Isaac, just come in to pat Sophie. She is so cute and friendly for a giant dog!

Iris Vancouver Balloons Team

Iris Hwang Director of Operations

Iris has been with Vancouver Balloons since 2016. Iris manages all aspects of the daily business. From planning franchising opportunities, inventory management, to marketing plans to sell helium across Canada. To remodeling shop to be customer-centric, budgeting, staffing and setting up long-term objectives for Managers and Isaac. Oh and did we mention that Iris has also done many balloon decor events for movies. She continues to create and inspire wonder balloon art in the shop for clients.

Kiara Vancouver Balloons Team

Kiara Lowes Operations Manager

Kiara has been with Vancouver Balloons for over 6 years. Since then, Kiara has gone to school and obtained a Science Degree. But, she has never stopped working at the balloon shop. Kiara has seen it all and done it all including big jobs like the Vancouver Sun Run. Tent clouds and arches do not scare her. Kiara works closely with Iris on many aspects of the business. Being a small shop it is easy for Kiara to work with Iris, Jana and Judy all on the same day. Everything Iris and Judy do to help grow the business ultimately ends up on Kiara’s door step at Vancouver Balloons. In her spare time, Kiara volunteers and goes outdoors. She loves to travel and do arts and craft.


Anli Guan Director of Communications & Digital Marketing

Anli is currently attending school and is studying Marketing Communications Management at BCIT. Anli is involved in our digital marketing services team – which also includes social media marketing. Anli also oversees the product photography process, website content building, and our strategic planning. Anli is a fun and bubbly individual and brings her school marketing knowledge into the business world that we need. Anli loves to travel, explore photography, graphic design, fashion, and visit art galleries.

To all our past and recent staffs

Each of you has helped shape and grow the business over the years. You have moved on to bigger, brighter and better careers. You each left a little piece of your heart, spirit and soul in the business and I truly appreciate that from each of you.



More about us…

At Vancouver Balloons/Balloonatics we have a knack for making dreams come true. Our amazing team can proudly transform your party organisation and creative ideas into fantastic realities. This can be done by using our wonderful balloon arrangements. The Vancouver Balloons Team focuses on assisting your celebrations and events in style. By creating memorable experiences for you and the special people in your lives. With our variety of balloon shapes, colours and sizes, we can do it all.

Our Vancouver Balloons Team are experts at creating customized balloon designs and shapes suitable for your occasions. We are also environmental enthusiasts, which is why our balloon collection includes our popular Biodegradable Latex Balloons. Don’t forget to browse through our balloon collections to see the amazing goodies we have in stock. Follow us on Instagram  to see what we’re up to! You can call us on 604-684-7555 to talk to one of us to learn more. Hope to hear from you soon!