Air Walker Foil / Mylar Balloons

Air Walker Foil/Mylar Balloons spiderman

Our Air Walker Foil/Mylar Balloons are special and out of the ordinary.

Air Walker Foil/Mylar Balloons give life to your kids’ favorite cartoon characters. Fill them up with helium and see them spring to full size. These giant balloons come in a variety of Disney and animated characters such as Elsa the queen, Dinosaur and Paw Patrol. Kids will definitely have fun playing around with these balloons. They also make the perfect surprise gifts for your kids on their birthdays.  You can also mix and match our 5” latex balloons to create beautiful balloon walls, centerpieces and gorgeous set ups for your special occasions. You can even use them for water balloon fights! These balloons are safe to use for any type of occasion as they are 100% biodegradable. 

Our wide range of kids balloons definitely makes great compliments with our Air Walker Balloons and are great additions when used as an assorted bouquet at every party. We have a variety of colours and cartoon characters to choose from. Bringing these balloons to life can be daunting sometimes. You have the option to order the balloons inflated or request for helium rental services to provide an easy and safe way of filling these balloons. Come and follow our Instagram page for more inspiration!