Baby Gender Reveal Balloons

Baby Gender Reveal Balloons are a great way to surprise your guests! 

Our Baby Gender Reveal Balloons are created to be opaque and black. This helps conceal whats inside the large 3ft balloon. These balloons are created to  conceal the confetti and smaller balloons inside. They are exceptional and exciting! Surprise your guests! 

What an exciting time for you and your loved ones! We want to congratulate you on your new family member! We also want to bring you the experience of a lifetime. Baby Gender Reveal Balloons are very popular among families and friends. The two balloon options offered are big, black, and bold. Browse below to choose which balloon you like the most.

You can commemorate and celebrate the moment everyone finds out the baby’s gender with our balloons! Amidst all the flowing confetti and smaller balloons, how stunning! You are showered in the colour representing the baby’s gender. 

Your special day can’t get any more exquisite! Choose your confetti and balloons inside the Gender Reveal Balloon during the balloon ordering process. To dazzle up your balloons even more, you can accessorize with our Tassels! 

Need Advice? You can Contact Us to get your order prepared in time and any of your party planning needs! We provide exceptional balloon selection service, advice to match your event and we also do deliveries. We also offer in-store pick-up and delivery services, you can take a look at our Delivery Guidelines

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*Please Note: Our gender reveal balloons need to be pre-ordered at least 2 days (48 hours) in advance. 

*All prices include helium, string and weights. We strive to sell only the top quality products to our clients but because the use of balloons is beyond our control, we cannot guarantee performance or longevity.