Balloon Centerpieces

Balloon Centerpieces are custom-made and tailored for your special event!

They can be arranged in sets of 3, 5, 7, or even into a topiary. Balloon Centerpieces can be exceptionally eye catching, attracting attention from all your party guests! They are made with our assortment of balloon sizes, colours and finishes, what a variety! You can visit our most popular colours and styles from our 11″ latex balloons collection. To ensure we craft beautiful table centerpieces, you must inform us on the size of the room or space for assembly. This includes the ceiling height, and area for balloon onsite set-up if needed.

We use clear mono filament line (single piece of plastic thread that is super strong, naturally clear) this helps give the illusion of the balloons just floating in the air, no strings attached to table. Each balloon is tied to a piece of string, then crafted to the mono filament line. All table centerpieces are weighted by mini and/or regular balloons filled with water, which is completely biodegradable. 

You can Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your balloon planning needs! We only need 48 hours notice prior to your service date for balloon assembly. We also offer in-store pick-up and delivery services, you can take a look at our Delivery Guidelines. Our North Delta location even offers after hours pick up for FREE to service customers outside the Metro Vancouver area. This includes cities like White Rock, Cloverdale, Abbotsford and more. Come find us on Instagram for more balloon inspirations.

*All prices include hi-float, helium, ribbon or string and weights. 

*We strive to sell the top quality products to our clients; however, because the use of balloons is beyond our control, we cannot guarantee performance or longevity.

Balloon Centerpiece of 3


Balloon Centerpiece of 5


Skyblue Balloon Centerpiece
Balloon Centerpiece of 7


Centerpiece Topiary