Balloon Drops

Air-filled balloons in your choice of colors and assortment drops down from the ceiling at the pull of a string.
Perfect for grand-openings, parties, weddings and various celebrations. 
Please note: There is an extra charge for Delivery & Set Up which are subject to change at anytime.
Delivery & Set up charge is based on set up time, date and location.
100 Balloon Drop

Starting form $175.00

200 Balloon Drop

Starting from $300.00

500 Balloon Drop

Starting from $625.00

Rules and Restrictions

  • Vancouver Balloons is responsible for inflating and crafting the balloon for your event, putting and stuffing the balloon into the bag, sealing and adding heavy duty string to the bag. We are NOT responsible for hanging the balloon drops due to the safety issue.
  • The client is responsible for ensuring the facility has licensed personnel to hang the balloon drop.
  • Capacity of the balloon net will vary due to balloon crafting on the day of the event.