Balloon Centerpieces

Table centerpieces are custom made for your specific event.
To ensure we craft beautiful table centerpieces, we require information
on the size of room we are putting the table centerpieces in
as we use clear mono filament line (single piece of plastic thread
that is super strong,  naturally clear) this helps give the illusion of the balloons
just floating in the air, no strings attached to table.

Each of the balloons is tied to a piece of string and we craft the balloon ribbons
to the mono filament line. All of our table centerpieces are weighted using
mini and/or regular balloons filled with water, therefore, it is completely biodegradable.

*All prices include helium, string and weights.
*We strive to sell the top quality products to our clients; however, because the use of balloons is beyond our control, we cannot guarantee performance or longevity.

Balloon Centerpiece of 3


Balloon Centerpiece of 5


Balloon Centerpiece of 7


Centerpiece Topiary