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We are Vancouver Balloons but also known as Balloonatics Designs. We are an events based balloon organization. Often than not, we are seen on-site at client events and/or locations. In addition, you may have seen us working on balloon installations and other balloon related activities at events. This includes setting up Balloon Arches, Balloon ColumnsBalloon Drops, Balloons Sculptures, and Balloon Parties & Events. 

Please contact us in advance to ensure we are at the shop before arriving. You can do so by phone or email. We are often doing larger community events, therefore, we cannot guarantee servicing your event. Some community events include The Vancouver Sun Run, Sea Wheeze, etc. As we are a local company, we love to do community events. This can be big or small, you name it!

For any planned events scheduled for Sunday, you can book the Vancouver Balloon team in advance. However, it is not guaranteed, prior planning is to ensure adequate staffing and supplies. This includes items such as balloons and helium are available at your disposal.

Below is our store location mapped, and additional contact information you may need. This information includes our hours of operations, phone number, and email.

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Hours of Operation

| Pre-Order Only | Curbside Pickup by Appointment | Delivery Available |

Monday – Friday: 10:00 am – 2:30 pm

Saturday: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Sunday: Closed

How to find us…

Tel: 604-684-7555

Address: 4770 Main Street, Vancouver BC

(near 32nd and Main Street)