Giant Cloudbuster

Giant Cloudbuster Balloon make a HUGE impact at both outdoor and indoor events!

Nothing gets you more noticed than our Cloudbuster Balloon. Giant Cloudbuster Balloon (also called Chloroprene Balloon) is colorful for indoor and outdoor decorating, advertising, special effects which could draw attention to your store, event, or booth. You can try this in all purpose whether balloon! Giant Cloudbuster Balloon is made from a blend of natural and synthetic latex, which is extremely flexible and strong.

These larger-than-life balloons withstand the elements and float for days, rent a  helium tank from us if you would like to inflate the balloon yourself! Don’t want to tired yourself out? Our are also able to provide you options and help with the entire process of selection, order and delivery! They can be reached by email at or call us at 604-684-7555 during store hours. Lost for ideas? Don’t worry, we have you covered – come find us on Instagram for more floating inspirations! 

Sizes Float Time Uninflated Package (Helium Tank Rental + Balloon) Inflated by BAD Inc.
4 feet ~4-5 days $55.00 $205.50 $251.50
5.5 feet ~8 days $75.00 $257.50 $345.50
8 feet ~18 days $135.00 $560.50 $680.50

We include string (braided twine)Price DOES NOT include delivery and onsite set up.***These are custom ordered balloons and takes approximately 2 weeks to get in. ***