Balloon Decorative Hand Lettering

There’s plenty of pretty Hand-Lettering options with us!

We provide a variety of scriptures and font styles for our Balloons thanks to Feather & Olive! In collaboration with Feather & Olive, we provide clients with quality balloons paired with beautiful Hand-Lettering according to their wishes. Above are several of our previous client orders. 

To view our Price List, just click on the word and we’ll redirect you. Our price list is important for those who want to know how we price each word. Importantly so, our pricing policy helps our clients decide how many words they would like to have on their balloon(s)! 

You can follow these 4 easy steps to guide you on how to arrange your custom balloons:

1. Pick Your Balloon: 30″ Balloons, 16″ Latex Balloons11″ Latex Balloons

2. Decide On Your Text: Words, or Phrase

3. Pick Your Font

4. Pick Your Ink Colour

** Currently we have gold, white, black, silver, red, green or blue lettering available. Our most requested colours are gold and black. 

Our recommendation is to use the 30″ Balloons, also known as our  3ft. Balloons for hand-lettering. This is because of their size and surface space for free-flowing beautiful handwritten script. They are the perfect canvas and they are visually stunning. We are able to letter a maximum of 5 full words on a 3ft balloon.

Balloon Sizes Applicable to Hand-Lettering:

Along with our 3ft Balloons, Hand-Lettering is also available on our 11″ Latex Balloons and 16″ Latex Balloons! However, there are strict character/word limits due to the smaller surface area. Compared to our 3ft Balloons, our 11″ latex or 16″ latex balloons can only letter a maximum of 3 lines. In addition to that, it would only have a maximum of 10 characters per line.

Not sure where to look? You can browse through Balloon Script/Hand-Lettering inspiration and ideas on our Pinterest, or InstagramYou can always give us a call and talk to one of our experts. We will be more than happy to assist you. You can  Contact Us regarding Hand-Lettering: or visit us in store, for further information. 

Please note: Feather & Olive Designs will complete orders on Saturdays only. Please contact Balloonatics Designs for availability.