Balloon Decorative Hand Lettering

Add a personal touch to your balloons!

custom hand lettered ballons
Have you been looking for a special way to tell someone how much they mean to you?
Looking for the perfect way to celebrate that funny inside joke or birthday?

Say it with customized balloons hand-lettered with your personalized message by Feather & Olive Designs!

Feather & Olive Designs

Now available for ordering from Balloonatics Designs

1. Pick your balloon

2. Decide on your text

3. Pick your font

4. Pick your ink color
(black, white, gold, red, blue or green)
When should I order and how long does it take?
Feather & Olive Designs will complete orders on Saturdays only. Please contact Balloonatics Designs for availability.
What are my lettering colour options?
Currently we have gold, white, black, silver, red, green or blue lettering available. Our most popular colours are gold and black.
What size balloons can be decorated with hand lettering?
Our recommendation is to use the 3ft. balloons for hand lettering. Because of their size, 3ft. balloons are the perfect canvas and they are visually stunning. Hand lettering on 11" and 16" balloons are available but there are strict character/word limits due to the smaller surface area.
How much text can I fit on a 3ft balloon?
We are able to letter a maximum of 5 words on a 3ft balloon.
How much text can I fit on an 11" or 16" balloon?
Due to the smaller visible surface area, we are able to letter a maximum of 3 lines with a max. 10 characters/line.
I have more questions, what do I do now?
As each client's needs differ, if you still have questions: visit us in store, contact us via email or call us at 604-684-7555 for further information.