Balloon Bouquets

All of our balloon bouquets are handcrafted to your specification with your preferred balloon colours. Let us know the dimensions of the room, and where you would like to display each balloon bouquet, so we can tailor the balloon bouquet to fit all your needs. Balloon bouquets are a playful and wonderful way to add colour and character to a room. They are a great way to attract clients, customers or guests eyes to a particular location. This is especially effective for sales events or to ensure the center of attention is where the balloons are placed around.

All of our balloon bouquets are weighted using mini and/or regular sized latex balloons filled with water, so they are completely 100% biodegradable.
At Vancouver Balloons, we strive to sell only the best quality balloons, but because the use of balloons is beyond our control, we cannot guarantee their performance or longevity.
*All prices include helium, string and weights.