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Local Collaborations

Vancouver Balloons is actively collaborating with local businesses and artists! 
As a local balloon boutique, Vancouver Balloons supports #shoplocal and are always looking for creative ways to support small business in the Vancouver Mainland area. 
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Vivi-Lettering - Balloon Calligraphy Service

We provide a variety of scriptures and font styles for our Balloons thanks to Vivi Lettering! In collaboration with local calligrapher Vivien, we provide our clients with quality balloons paired with beautiful Hand-Lettering according to their wishes.

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Calligraphy on 3ft round balloon for a Vancouver Bridal shower party. Decoration with organic balloon arch, biodegradable balloons and paper tasel from Vancouver Balloons

Lunistella - Custom Tassels

Our Balloon Tassels are beautifully created by Lunistella, who hand-crafts every tassel with the utmost attention to detail for the best in town! Tassel creations are made with tissue or mylar foil. We carry 25 different Balloon Tassels in various colours, and 7 different specialty mylar tassels. For more details, visit our Tassel Color Chart.  If you are still unsure, call us and our staff can better assist you.

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MERCURYDUSK - Handmade Crochet Art

We are supporting local Vancouver crochet artist from MercuryDusk who handmade each of their cute fluffy creations. These delights are the perfect add-on with our balloon packages as special surprises!

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Vancouver Balloons pineapple package and MERCURYDUSK crochet pineapple bags
Twisted Balloon cartoon puppies by BentAirBalloons

BentAirBalloons - Party Balloon Artist

BentAirBalloons has worked with us on countless special creations. The magical balloon art is the best in town for your kids' party in Vancouver!