Specialty Balloons


Specialty Balloons are one of our favourites! 

We have a huge selection of Specialty Balloons at Ballonatics Design! These balloons are great to captivate any crowd and amaze your audience. We want your balloon order to be as special as the event you’re planning or the person receiving it. 

Our Specialty Balloons are for every special occasion, such as our Lunistella Friends (Unicorns with Tassels) can be perfect for a baby shower, birthday, anniversary or proposal. Our Unicorn Balloons are one of our Best Sellers, and look amazing for any function. There are plenty of photos provided above, made by us! 

As we are passionate balloon enthusiasts at heart, we want to help you create an order that’s perfect for your special occasion. There are so many opportunities to decorate or gift with our balloons. With our diverse variety of balloons, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from! 

Let us guide you through our collection to best help you understand your options. We also provide pretty printed 3ft. Balloons aimed for proposals, our Mr. & Mrs. and Gender Reveals.In addition to these options 3ft. Balloons are also made for our Confetti Balloons, which are very stunning and huge!

Whether you’re planning an event indoors or outdoors, we can deliver these balloons straight to your door. You can visit our Delivery Guidelines for further information. Alternatively, you can decide to have your balloons inflated or uninflated with a Helium Tank Rental for the longest lasting float.

We always recommend you to get in touch with one of our Balloon Specialists. With our help, we will coordinate these details for ease of balloon assembly, set-up, take-down, and all other necessities. You can  can Contact Us during our store hours for further information. Please visit our Instagram page for more of your party celebrations!