Welcome Home/Get Well Balloons

Welcome Home/Get Well Soon

Speed up the recovery process with our Welcome Home/Get Well Soon Balloons!

These Welcome Home/Get Well Balloons will brighten anyone’s day, whether it’s received in the hospital, the office or at home. Share your thoughtfulness with someone who needs it. You can encourage their rest and recovery by sending them these lively Welcome Home/Get Well Balloons! There are plenty of ways to show someone you care, and balloons are one of them! They also last longer than flowers or treats! With our vast balloon collection, you can decide on what balloons work best for you and your recipient. 

Not sure what else you could send? We have Mylar Foil Balloons in various shapes and sizes! Come look at our Circular Foil Mylar Balloonsthey’re great combined with some of our Welcome Home/Get Well Balloons. This is because they are circular shaped and therefore look nice pieced together. Show that extra love and affection to the person in recovery with our assortment of Heart Foil Mylar Balloons. Choose from the variety of heart foils and their various colours to match your theme. Add some Star Foil Mylar Balloons to your balloon order to dazzle up anyone’s day. You have the option to have these foil mylar balloons structured into a beautiful Balloon Bouquet

Need Advice?

With all these balloon choices, you are more than ready to select your own balloons. See which one suits someone you care about the most! Come take a look at our expansive collection of Welcome Home/Get Well Balloons. You can Contact Us and we will be more than happy to assist you with planning, selection and delivery (or free pick up). Our North Delta location even offers after hours pick up for FREE to service customers outside the Metro Vancouver area. This includes cities like Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale, Abbotsford and more. 

We are all about creating that special experience for you. With our support, you will become more knowledgeable about which balloons you can send to hospitals safely. You can have your balloons ordered and ask for delivery service right to the hospital or home. Additionally, we offer in-store pick-up and delivery services, you can take a look at our Delivery Guidelines

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*Please be advised that if you are sending balloons to the hospital, latex balloons are prohibited due to allergies. We strongly recommend you choose foil balloons to put a smile on a patient’s face