Balloons in the film industry: Perfect mood setters

For all of you that have been following us on Instagram, the splash of colour we created for the ABC show A Million Little Things is no news for you and it was a certainly great success! We have received countless inquiries on the particular half circle organic arch and about replicating the colour theme. While this particular 9ft tall double circle arch is hard to replicate in real-life party scenarios due to restrictions of ceiling height, lighting, and specialty colours, there are certainly similar styles that we can create for you. But have you ever thought about balloons when you are watching your favorite TV shows and movies?

Maggie's birthday party balloons, ABC show A Million Little Things

Balloons, including bouquets, columns, arches, and garlands are very common in the movie industry as background set props. The reason being balloons' ability to set the scene with the very first glance. Whether it being a birthday party, a Christmas party, New Year's Eve time, or any other festivals, the balloons can be a settle mood setters in the background without taking away the main characters' shine. And due to the filming schedule might last up to weeks, balloons are ultimately better and far more affordable than replacing real floral arrangements.

Balloon arch for babysitters' club

       (Helium balloon arch and balloon clusters created for Netflix show: Baby-sitters Club)

 Vancouver Balloons has created balloons for many TV series and movie sets including the Flash, Disney +, Netflix, and more. If you ever spot our balloons on your favorite show, send it to us!

(Giant circle foils created for the Flash)


(12ft tall special foil columns created for The Flash Season 8)

If you are a set-dec buyer and would like to get a quote on any creations, please email us directly! And at Vancouver Balloons, we provide our everyday customers with the same one-on-one consultation service we do with the big movie set orders, you are in good hands ;)