Cancellation & Refund Policy

Here at Vancouver Balloons we always strive to provide quality services and the best balloons to our customers. We completely understand that event dates and plants can be interfered and or changed due to many factors.

To cancel or reschedule your order, email us 1 business day before the scheduled order date. Once your order cancellation is confirmed by us through email, no charge will be put through your payment method.

We do not issue refund once the order is confirmed and inflated. If you are not happy with your initial choice after it is made, we can replace the balloons for you at extra cost ( this can only be accommodated when the in store staff is available to inflate balloons on that day )

Balloons are fragile in nature. Please understand that we do not issue refund due to balloon breakages: once the balloons are picked up from us or delivered, you are fully responsible for taking care of the balloons and the Vancouver Balloons boutique and Balloonatics Designs Team is not responsible for any unaccounted situations such as weather, heat, human factors, etc.

Fun fact: Latex balloons can naturally discolor and oxidize under the sun, if your balloon bouquet is left outside for a period of time you will get a cool matte finish!

(Extreme heat and sunlight can also break the balloons as helium expands under heat.)


*Important disclaimer for helium tank rentals*

  • Helium tank rentals includes a nozzle rental, the nozzle needs to be returned in original condition. If the nozzle is broken or lost, additional fee to replace the nozzle will apply.
  • We require your credit card information as security deposit, full name, phone number, as well as email address is needed in order to take out a helium tank.
  • Please do not inhale helium gas for any reason. Inhaling helium gas is highly dangerous and may cause death with improper use. Vancouver Balloons is not held accountable for any harm caused by misusage.
  • Please do not leave helium tanks unattended in public area or leave unattended children near helium tanks. 
  • Do not drop, tilt, tip over, drag or roll the helium tanks.