Bio-degradeable Latex Balloon Colour/Size Chart

Our team is all about maximizing your satisfaction. To make it easier for you to find the right colours and sizes of balloons we have available, we have provided an easy to navigate balloon colour chart. You are sure to order just the right balloons you’ve been searching for with high precision. Underneath each balloon is the balloon’s name, it’s colour and of course the size, so you know exactly what you are ordering.

These gorgeous balloons’ colours range from red, pink, chocolate brown, jewel magenta to a whole lot. Also available are our dazzling marble coloured balloons. Order them as a bouquet or for any event decoration and they will definitely be loved by all. These biodegradable balloons are from Qualatex which makes them more environmentally friendlier than ever.

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Regardless of the type of occasion, our variety of balloons make great assets to incorporate. If you are lost on what colours to choose, you can find beautiful balloon events, parties and other mixing and matching of colours we have put together in the past, by checking out our Instagram page.Our team of Balloon Experts are looking forward to help you as soon as we can.