You can get good value from our organic balloon creations

At Vancouver Balloons, we can craft beautiful organic creations like balloon garlands and columns that last for over a week! They elevate the space, create a wow factor in your event space and are suitable for any occasion! The value of having a display for this long ensures your ROI is amplified and is cost effective.

When it comes to our organic balloon decorations, each creation is unique and hand crafted and cannot be duplicated as the artistry is inspired by the individual creator of the garland as it is being made at that specific time. 

Usually Isaac, nicknamed the balloon man, is listening to his favourite music in the shop, Imagine Dragons, David Grey, Ed Sheeran or James Blunt as this will set the creative tone for his inspirations. 

What are organic balloon garlands?

Organic balloon garlands are crafted by attaching different sized balloons together to create a cluster or block of balloons. We then wrap string around these clusters to attach them to create the organic balloon garland. 

Varying in pattern, style, and colour — these organic balloon garlands are perfect for drawing attention and eyeballs at a doorway or any other special space in your event. We use balloons ranging from 5", 7”, 11”, 16" or even 36" balloons depending on the space available for the organic balloon garlands. 

The following photos are from Sweet Thea’s Cafe’s Grand Opening balloon creations. We made an organic balloon garland and two organic balloon columns.  After removing the organic creations 10 days later due to the elements wear and tear on them, we made a helium filled balloon bouquet using 16” and 11” balloons to complete the Grand Opening balloon displays.

Organic balloon garland over Sweet Thea Cafe’s front entrance doorway


Organic balloon garland and column at Sweet Thea Cafe's front entrance doorway


A helium balloon bouquet 

Helium balloons have a different way of attracting eyeballs and attention.  Helium is lighter than air so the balloons float, allowing the balloons to move and sway. This movement captures your attention and you naturally look towards the location of the balloons.


Even from a distance, this photo was taken from across the road on Main Street, the bright red colours really pop out and add an extra touch to the store entrance. This is a great way to catch people’s attention and increase foot traffic. People really like to go where something is happening, the balloons are a magnet for getting attention to a particular location.


How long do organic balloon garlands and columns last? 

There are a few factors that affect how long a balloon lasts after it is inflated. 

These organic creations were placed outdoors but were protected from the direct rain for over a week.  In the right environment, our organic creations of both garlands and columns can last many days and still look great! 

Without shelter, the organic balloon garlands and columns will last roughly 2-3 days. Of course, we cannot account for weather conditions such as direct sunshine, cold, rain and wind. 

At Vancouver Balloons, we pride ourselves on using only the very best biodegradable balloons that have always been free of chemicals and are made of rubber sap. We take our organic creations seriously and we want our clients to have the best quality balloons, the best balloon artistry and the best visual appeal for their customers.  


How do balloon garlands look after a week? 

Left: Balloons when first inflated; Right; Balloons after 1 week

Here’s how the balloons look when they’re first inflated – glossy and shiny.

The balloons were placed outdoors and here’s how they looked after over a week. The environmental elements create a frosty look on the balloons called oxidation.  Basically the natural latex balloons are being eaten by the elements so the balloon is slowly decaying/dying naturally.  The oxidation process starts when the balloon is inflated. Some discolouration is normal at this stage as the process of oxidation takes effect. 

Top: balloons after 1 week; Bottom: balloons when first inflated

Top: balloons when first inflated; Bottom: balloons after 1 week

At Vancouver Balloons, we can create beautiful organic and helium balloon arches and air filled organic and standard columns for any event, no matter how big or small! And if you ever need some help deciding what type of balloons to get for your event, our balloon specialists can be contacted via email or phone call, or better still, plan ahead with us and see the balloon specialists in person.  We are here to help you!

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