Vancouver Balloons Pricing&Ordering Update!

As regular daily lives begin to get back to a more normal level, parties and events are coming back into the spotlight. Businesses, families, the movie industry and conferences are also doing more and sadly the ongoing war in the Ukraine has placed a big demand on many of the materials that make up the products we provide here at Vancouver Balloons. Helium tank rentals and latex balloons are in higher demand compared to the COVID-19 days. The whole world is trying to catch up with business and production and we are having major problems getting helium tanks as well as the best latex balloons to our standards. The helium we use for inflated balloons is being rationed and the price of helium has also increased significantly in 2022 and we have been advised that rationing and further increasing will be here for a significant amount of time going forward.  While we are still able to allocate helium for our dearest customers, we will have to increase our prices in order to cover the increased costs of balloons and helium. 

Starting May 1st, 2022, we will be putting up our prices for helium filled balloons. We understand the struggle with literally everything going up in life, and we are frustrated with the economics and supply chain ourselves as well; therefore, we have decided to keep our already live pre-designed packages their original prices at this time so you will still have the option to get balloons if our new pricing is exceeding your budget. (All packages added after May 1st will reflect the new up to date price).

Due to the helium price increase, our helium tank rental prices will reflect the increases as well. We will continue to offer uninflated balloons (not available unless you are renting a helium tank from us) to helium tank rental customers, which can be found here. If you have other colours in mind while renting our helium tank, please send us an email to ensure we have your colour in stock before you place your order!

To touch base on another matter, due to COVID-19 we had to let go most of our beloved staff members as the business did not have feasible amount of orders/set-ups to keep them working. Now that the mandates are over, events are coming back in a big way and we are having trouble getting our experienced team members back into the game. We are now being  booked 2 weeks in advance, and weekends are especially popular and get filled up really fastTo ensure we have a time slot for your event, make sure you follow our Instagram for the most up to date announcements and inquire ahead of time through email! Same day orders will not be guaranteed and can only be picked up in the early afternoon time slot. All walk-in clients will experience some wait time and have to be put into the queue if the order is for the same day. We highly recommend you pre-order for your event to avoid any inconvenience!